Welcome to our roastery.

Roasting out of Zurich, Switzerland, shipping internationally.

Our exceptional coffees are chosen by World Brewers Cup Champion, Matt Winton.

You're in for a treat.

We roast for Sweetness, and Flavour.

We like acidity, and sweetness in our coffees. So we chose a Stronghold S7X to be able to develop easily, and still retain character our farmers worked hard to achieve.

Our Filter roasts are focused to highlight brightness and clarity of flavour.

Our Espresso roasts are aimed to give a balanced espresso, without sacrificing on flavour.

What we believe

At Rose Coffee Roasters, we have the highest standards for sourcing, and work only with farmers we believe in, and coffees that we want to drink personally.

We often buy small lots, and work seasonally, meaning that sometimes we may only have a coffee for a short time, before it is sold out.

Please check back for continuously changing offers. We want to explore the upper end of specialty coffee, together.