The House Blend

The House Blend

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Tastes like:

Chocolatey, Smooth, Nutty


80% Brazil Natural, 10% PNG Washed, 10% Tanzania Honey



Roasted for:

Espresso /  Bialetti (Medium - Dark Roast)


This is a special "House Blend" that we've designed specifically for use on Espresso machines / Bialetti. It's an easy drinking coffee that has a well developed roast profile to make it easy to extract, while still keeping recognisable flavours of the origins. We would call this a "Medium - Dark" roast. Not so much that the beans are all oily, but developed enough to have Low Acidity, Smooth Body, and mostly chocolatey flavour notes. 

All the coffees we use in this are Specialty coffee, but with very approachable taste profiles and qualities. We've sourced these lots either direct from farmers, or through importers who work in the growing regions - as sustainably as possible. 

This blend is designed to work really well in Automatic Machines, Espresso Machines, and Stovetop brewers - even as a dark roast filter if you prefer. It goes great on it's own, or with milk - particularly Plant Based milk - as it's strong enough to cut through the milk and create a balanced drink. 

We roast to order, and as such need to prepare our roasting for the week. Orders recieved before midnight Sunday, will be processed the same week.

We'll do our best to meet your needs. If there's anything exceptional you require, please just reach out to us.

Everything is shipped from Zurich, Switzerland. We use Swiss Post, UPS or DHL as our shipping agents so that your coffee arrives safely.