The Bedtime Blend

The Bedtime Blend

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Tastes like:

Chocolatey, Malty, Sweet, Spicy


Brazil, Mexico, Burundi




Mixed Variety


Swiss Water, Mountain Water, and CO2 Decaf

Roasted for:


Processing Level: 2/5 - There is some processing affect of these lots, and the decaffeination process has an affect on the final cup.


This is a blend that we've designed especially to be as delicious as non-decaffeinated coffee - to be used for Espresso/Bialetti brewing and goes amazing as both a black coffee, and with milk. 

We believe that decaffeinated coffee doesn't have to come at the sacrifice of quality - so we created this Decaf blend that is as delicious as full strength coffee. We did it by selecting a base of a Natural Brazilian coffee decaffeinated with the Swiss Water Decaf Process. This process uses "Green Coffee Extract" by soaking green coffee in water to remove the caffeine, which is then filtered out, before the GCE is put back into the beans, and they're redried and sent to us to be roasted. 

It's blended with 20% of a Washed Mexican coffee from Sierra Mazateca decaffeinated with "Mountain Water" process. This is a similar process, with fresh water, but is carried out in Mexico, before exporting to Europe! 

Also included is 20% of a Washed coffee from Burundi, processed with the "CO2 Decaf" process. Here the beans are processed with high pressure CO2 which acts as a solvent to remove caffeine. 

Each method has a taste characteristic that means you can taste the coffee is decaffeinated, but it's not an unpleasant one. Generally you will find more sweetness and acidity, as the balance with the bitter caffeine has been removed. In some of these coffees we find more spice, and malt notes from the decaf process. 

Overall this blend should make great specialty coffee accessible to people who don't want to drink full strength caffeine - and we think it is a great option to have any time of day.

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