Ethiopia - Worka Chelbesa - Dhilgee Danche - Washed - Kurume & Wolisho

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Tastes like:

Floral, Peach, Black Tea, Clean, Sweet


Danche Washing Station


Small holders in the region


Worka Chelbesa, Ethiopia




Kurume & Wolisho



Roasted for:


Processing Level:  1/5 - The taste of the terroir and varietal shine in this coffee - the impact of the process is very low. 


This coffee is another great example of classic processing of great Washed Ethiopian Coffee. It's got the classic white florals, black tea, and a beautiful peach note that we love!


Danche, situated in Chelbesa, Gedeo, is a washing station that acquires cherries from 400 farmers. These farmers achieve impressive yields due to the fertile soil and effective farming methods employed. Notably, Danche holds organic certification. The term "Dhilgee" translates to "bloody red" in the Oromiffa language, embodying the essence of coffees from this washing station—characterized by light florals, red berries, purple fruit, and an overall round and sweet profile.

In the village of Worka Chelbesa in Gedeb, Nordic Approach and its partners oversee two washing stations: Chelbesa and Danche. The coffee featured here originates from the Danche Washing Station, sourcing cherries from 742 farmers with an average land size of 1-2 hectares. These farms are situated at high altitudes ranging from 2000 to 2300 meters above sea level.

This lot was hand-picked at peak ripeness. Floated to further remove defects. De-pulped. Grade 1 density separated. Fermented underwater for 36 hours. Dried on raised beds for 10-14 days.


This lot was purchased with the help of Nordich Approach, and their parteners in country SNAP/Tropiq NO. 

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