Ethiopia - Sidama Bensa - Gatta - Natural - JARC 74158
Ethiopia - Sidama Bensa - Gatta - Natural - JARC 74158
Ethiopia - Sidama Bensa - Gatta - Natural - JARC 74158
Ethiopia - Sidama Bensa - Gatta - Natural - JARC 74158
Ethiopia - Sidama Bensa - Gatta - Natural - JARC 74158

Ethiopia - Sidama Bensa - Gatta - Natural - JARC 74158

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Tastes like:

Blueberries, Citrus, Red fruits, Sweet, Smooth


Gatta, Shantawene


Asefa Dukamo Korma


Sidama Bensa, Ethiopia




JARC 74158



Roasted for:


Processing Level:  2/5 - The taste of the terroir and varietal shine in this coffee - the impact of the process enhances the cup. 


This coffee is back to that classic Natural Ethiopian profile from all those years ago - think blueberries, red fruits, and citrus fruits, with hints of florals and tartaric acidity - just classic, and we love it. It's a sweet cup and a great counterpart to the anaerobic naturals more common now. 

As said by the producers - Daye Bensa Coffee: Gatta Farm is the place where we run a dedicated specialty program. Daye Bensa’s Gatta Farm is at the heart of Shantawene Village, in Sidama Bensa, Ethiopia. It sits at an altitude of 2120 – 2210m in the midst of a natural forest. The site is surrounded by indigenous trees, which are older than 100 years, waterfalls, and rivers. One of the rivers separates Shantawene from Bombe and runs from the hills above Keramo. Gatta Farm has been named after a waterfall which crosses the farm. 

Gatta Farm was a natural forest before being discovered by the cofounder Mulugeta Dukamo while managing the construction of Gafisse Station. They planted the first coffees in 2013, and established the drying station in 2017. The vegetation and forest surrounding the farm is useful as natural shade for the farm and the drying station. Plantation, harvesting and processing works are mainly done by the local residents. Also women are involved and are mainly assigned to quality control and processing, except for labor intensive tasks. By offering working opportunities and proper wage this is a real benefit for the local residents. 

Daye Bensa’s Gatta Farm isn’t only a farm, it consists of a drying station, a lodge and a training facility. During harvesting season, the drying station becomes active and also offers accommodations for employees or trainees until the training has ended. The training facility offers training in coffee processing for interested individuals.

 This lot was sourced from local smallholder farmers, under supervision of manager -Asefa Dukamo Korma. The cherries were simply fermented for a small amount of time, and then laid out to dry on raised beds until dry. The classic style of processing we all love.

We sourced this coffee through The Coffee Quest, who do a great job with all logistics and quality, and to help support producers in the region. 




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