Low Caf Tasting Box
Low Caf Tasting Box
Low Caf Tasting Box
La Esperanza Colombia
La Fantasia Colombia
Daterra Brazil
Daterra Brazil
Low Caf Tasting Box
Low Caf Tasting Box

Low Caf Tasting Box

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Tastes like:

Fruity, Sweet


Daterra, La Fantasia, La Esperanza


Brazil, Colombia, Colombia




Aramosa, Castillo, Laurina


Anaerobic Natural, CM Natural, Natural

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 This Low Caf tasting box was designed to be an expression of amazing flavour, without the need for caffeine. We believe that caffeine can be very useful in our lives, but it doesn't have to come hand in hand with flavour. This box contains 3 unique coffees:


Brazil - Daterra - Aramosa - Anaerobic Natural

This is a very cool lot from the Daterra Masterpieces! We were lucky enough to visit Brazil and Daterra farm last year, and won this lot in a fun local competition between the people on the visit. It's been sitting tight in the freezer since then, waiting for this day to be released! 

It's an amazing lot that was a crowd favourite on the trip - with a 60 hour fermentation in cherry, before being dried naturally - it's FULL of fruity flavours, and high sweetness, while the relatively low growing altitude (1100m) brings lower acidity, and more structure and body. The low caffeine content of Aramosa (which is a hybrid variety made from crossing Coffea Arabica species, with Coffea Racemosa species) makes a really sweet and smooth brew.

Expect a cup profile - Sweet, Red Fruits, Smooth, Dark Chocolate


Colombia - La Fantasia - Castillo - CM Natural Decaf

This lot is really unique! One of the first in the world of a decaffeinated coffee that was designed to be tasty (The first I can recall is Cole Torode in 2020 for his Canadian Barista Championship using a non-caffeinated LPET Geisha for his routine). 

This coffee had a very extensive fermentation - and is definitely more on the funky side. This pairs quite nicely with the Ethyl Acetate decaffeination process, which raises the perceived sweetness by removing the bitter caffeine component to the coffee. For us, it was the first decaffeinated coffee that we couldn't immediately recognise as decaffeinated, but as an interesting coffee, with some very funky attributes, but overall, you don't miss the caffeine in this cup. 

Expect a cup profile - Funky, Tropical Fruits, Peach, Umami

Colombia - Cafe Granja La Esperanza - Laurina - Natural

This is the most interesting lot in the tasting box for us, a complex, and high quality variety and process, from the famous CGLE farm in Colombia. This same lot was used in the 2022 World Barista Championship by Brazilian competitor Boram Um, to place 7th in the world. 

The Laurina Variety is another unique one - also called "Bourbon Pointu" - named after the bean's shape. It's small bean size packs big flavour, with a classic Natural processing delivering an incredible result in the cup - full of complex red fruits, and some red wine characteristics. The sweetness level is high, and the bitterness level is low, forming a great balance with higher acidity than our Aramosa from Daterra. 

Expect a cup profile - Red Fruits, Winey, Complex, Layered, Sweet


Included in the box is 50g or 80g of each coffee, along with more information and a recipe for each coffee, designed by 2021 World Brewers Cup Champion Matt Winton. You will also receive guided videos to walk through the brewing by Matt himself, via email after receiving your coffees!

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