Ecuador - La Florida - CMW Catucai Label
Ecuador - La Florida - CMW Catucai Bag
Ecuador - La Florida - CMW Catucai
Ecuador - La Florida - CMW Catucai
Ecuador - La Florida - CMW Catucai

Ecuador - La Florida - CMW Catucai

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Tastes like:

Bright, Herbal, Floral, Light fruits.


Hacienda La Florida


Fabricio & Ramiro Coronel


Sozoranga, Ecuador






Carbonic Maceration - Washed

Roasted for:



Coffee from La Florida is always clean, and unique. Fabricio has a way of processing that brings out new flavours in coffees. This Catucai is no exception.


Fabricio studied coffee at the Università del Caffè in Triesta, and applied his knowledge directly to the processing of his coffees.

Ramiro gained experience of agronomy through a multitude of farms in the north of Ecuador, particularly Nestle run estates.

Together, they've formed a powerhouse of coffee production in Sozoranga, close to the Peruvian borrder - where they consistently place very high in coffee competitions, both in Ecuador, and internationally.


The growing region of the farm sits around 1500m above sea level, surrounded and encompassed by dense jungle and reforestation projects.

Fabricio grows Catucai, Sidra, and Typica Mejorado at his farm - which is located about 1km, and 500m in elevation from his house, and processing centre. They transport the cherry by donkey most of the time.

Catucai is a naturally occuring hybrid originating in Brazil, with Catuai, and Icatu (part timor hybrid). It shows great resistance to disease and is a hardy variety. As it stands, it doesn't score particularly highly, so a special treatment in the processing was required.

Fabricio realised this Red Catucai worked particularly well being fermented, and scored much higher than the traditional washed.

This lot was picked and sorted, then depulped immediately, and placed in grainpro bags. The bags were pressurised with CO2, and sealed immediately. They were then left to ferment for 15 days, until a ph of 3.8 was reached. In these cool conditions this meant we didn't have a funky cup, but rather clean, with vibrant acidity and an increased intensity over other profiles.

The coffee was removed, washed, and dried on raised beds for around 15 days, which aids a clean, clean finish.

This lot has a very unique taste profile, with floral, herbal, and spicy notes accompanying the white and yellow fruit notes. It's a coffee that is all top end, bright acidity, juicy body and very clean.

This made it a great choice for competition, and this coffee was the partner blend along Eugenioides, used by Matt Winton to win the World Brewers Cup Championship in 2021. Through constant improvement to processing, Fabricio has made this lot even better this year. He has implemented a special dark drying room that has brought the clarity and quality out of this coffee even more - better than ever before.

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