El Salvador - Finca El Salvador - Borbonera - 120hr Anaerobic Natural

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Tastes like:

Red Fruits, Dark Chocolate, Smooth


Finca El Salvador


Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle


Cerro El Aguila, Western El Salvador






120hr Anaerobic Natural

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One of the first coffees Matt ever bought was from Rodolfo in 2018, on a trip to Colombia where Rodolfo was helping out producers with processing in Huila. Since then he has inherited his farm Finca El Salvador, where there are a number of very interesting projects going on. 

The farm itself is in constant improvements, working with locals, and encouraging innovation within the nature of the region. There are several varieties planted there, with new lots every year, but also holding onto old varieties also. 

This variety comes from very old Bourbon trees - which have been planted over 50 years ago at FES. The trees and root systems are this old, but they have been pruned and trimmed and are producing well. While most of the Old Bourbon has been replaced with more modern varieties, this lot is still thriving. Rodolfo has decided to keep the last lot of these trees, and has named it Borbonera. 

The cherries were harvested ripe, and sorted well before being macerated for 120 hours in low oxygen conditions (Anaerobic like). They were then dried on raised beds in cherry. This style of processing imparts a lot of the heavier notes into the coffee, and adds a new dimension to this old El Salvadorian variety.



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