Colombia - La Fantasia - CM Natural Decaf

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Tastes like:

Funky, Fruity, Dark Chocolate


Cauca, Colombia






Ethyl Acetate

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Producer Guillermo Hormanza and his wife Elsa inherited the family farm La Fantasia from Elsa’s parents, and they bought the remaining rights from her siblings to have sole ownership. For over 15 years, Guillermo and Elsa have cultivated coffee, but it has only been in the last few years that they have worked to produce specialty grade coffee. After noticing the price differences compared to the expenses involved in producing coffee, Guillermo found that La Fantasia’s harvests were unprofitable in the commodity market, and this sparked the need for change.

Since 2019, Guillermo and Elsa have worked exclusively with Project Origin. They have worked smart and hard to adjust their processing and harvesting techniques, such as only picking cherries when ripe, adjusting the soil fertilisation, and pulping on the same day as picking. These small differences have made big changes to their quality.

Project origin have applied a a Carbonic Maceration fermentation to this lot, while still in cherry - and then dried as a natural. There's a heavy fermentation applied, and you can notice those flavours in the cup. 

After the coffee has been dried, it underwent an ethyl acetate decaffeination process - where the green beans are soaked in water and the caffeine binds to ethyl acetate and is removed. The beans are then resoaked under pressure and everything but the caffeine is reabsorbed. 

This lot still does retain some taste of the decaffeination process, but when combined with the CM Natural process, it works really well in the cup, and is definitely the most interesting decaf coffee we have tried! 

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