Colombia - Cafe Granja La Esperanza - Natural Laurina

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Tastes like:

Bright, Fruity, Malty, Smooth.


Cafe Granja La Esperanza


Rigoberto Herrera


Cundinamarca, Colombia







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Cafe Granja are always doing outstanding work in innovation and quality, and it's an absolute pleasure to be releasing this coffee from their farm. This particular lot is a special variety and lot and one that we think is truly special! 

This one is a Laurina Variety, and part of our Low Caf Tasting box release! It's caffeine and CGA content is around 50% less than other arabica varieties, and makes for a really sweet and bright cup profile. 


This particular lot was picked at ripe cherry stage, and hand sorted before being fermented in stainless steel tanks for 12-16hours below 30 degrees celsius. This stands to bring out a more fruity profile. It's then dried in static dryers for 24 hours, before being moved to solar dryers for around 15 days. This type of drying in cherry gives a great intensity to the flavours, but keeps a clean finish and keeps this Laurina profile alive, and transparent in the cup. 

This lot was sourced through our friends at Forward Coffee in Canada, who managed to secure some of the elusive Laurina harvest from Cafe Granja, and who are always pushing for accessibility and sustainability in Specialty Coffee. It was also used in the WBC 2022 competition by Brazilian Competitor Boram Um and was very well received!

We find this coffee works great as both espresso, and filter brewing. The espresso is vibrant and bright, and you focus more on the Red Fruit aspect of the coffee. While the filter is more refined and layered, and you get to feel more of the bright and complexity of Laurina. 

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