Brazil - Daterra Masterpieces - Aramosa Natural

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Winey, Red Fruits, Sweet, Smooth


Daterra Farm


Daterra Farm


Cerrado Minero






Anaerobic Natural

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Daterra are extremely well known worldwide for raising quality in Brazil, and doing it in a very environmentally and culturally sustainable in their region.

We first tried this lot on a cupping table at the farm, and fell in love with it instantly! We were lucky enough to be able to win this lot in a small competition at the farm, and represent it now!

Aramosa is a low caffeine varietal, coming from a blend of Arabica and Racemosa species, pioneered by the Daterra farm, and the Agranomic Institue in Campinas (IAC). The resulting coffee variety is sweet, round, and fruity, with naturally around 50% less caffeine than other arabica varietals. 

Thanks to the excellent growing and processing at Daterra, they've pushed the most out of this coffee, with great sorting, and an Anaerobic Natural fermentation. Cherries are picked by hand, instead of by mechanical picking, for their masterpieces, so we have better selection of ripe cherries. They are then sorted and placed into large stainless steel fermentation tanks and fermented for 72 hours. This is where a lot of the magic happens in flavour development, and the intense red fruit characters. The coffee was then removed and dried in mechanical rotating driers for just a few days at a higher temperature, for a fast, and even drying. 

We love this coffee for it's intense characteristics and how it definitely doesn't come across as a typical Brazilian coffee, which is what Daterra does so well - changing the perception of Brazilian coffee!