Panama - Janson #210 - Anaerobic Natural Geisha

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Tastes like:

Complex, Red Fruits, Tropical Fruits, Sweet, Vibrant


Janson Family Estates - Los Alpes


Kai and Jannette Janson


Volcan, Panama






Anaerobic Natural

Roasted for:


Processing Level:
3/5 - There is some processing impact in the cup, but you can still discern it's a Panama Geisha, and is done very well.


Kai and Jannette Janson are the main people behind Janson Family Estates - and are two of the loveliest people in Panama.  They've been running the operations at the farm, located in the town of Volcan, for many years now - preceded by generations in the Janson family. 

This coffee is grown at their Los Alpes farm, around 1700m, which is about a 30 minute drive from their processing factory, and offers amazing growing conditions for their Green Tip Geisha. The cherries are brought down to the lower altitude, where it's warmer and more dry, to help with drying.

This particular lot was sorted for ripe cherries only. It was fermented for 72 hours in Anaerobic Conditions, with the microbe rich juice from a previous fermentation called "Mosto". This fermentation elevated a lot of the cup quality through fermentation, while keeping a clean cup profile. It was then dried in sun on a patio, before being moved to raised beds to finish drying for 13 days. 

All of this makes an excellent espresso, or very complex and elegant filter brew - that we love to drink. We've had it frozen down since we first received it, to preserve all the quality this coffee has, and it's as expressive as ever!

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