Ethiopia - Sidama Bensa - Tamiru Faficho - Anaerobic Natural - JARC 74158

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Tastes like:

Berries, Tropical Fruits, Sweet, Rich


Faficho Washing Station


Tamiru Tadesse Tesema


Sidama Bensa, Ethiopia




JARC 74158


Anaerobic Natural

Roasted for:


Processing Level:  3/5 - The taste of the terroir and process shine together in this coffee - the impact of the process is noticeable, but enhances the terroir. 


Tamiru Tadesse is a coffee supplier who has been in the coffee business for the last eight years. He works with about 200 farmers in Delo Kebele, Bensa zone of the Sidama region. He collects about 182,000 kilograms of red cherry from an estimated 80 hectares of land owned by the farmers. Tamiru processes anaerobic and natural coffee which is dried on a raised bed with mesh wire. He then sells his coffee on the international market, mostly in China. However, he says, he was interested to have new market destinations and promote the unique flavours of Bensa coffee.

This particular lot is from the Faficho Washing station, which is sitting around 2200m above sea level, a very high altitude for coffee! After ripe cherries are picked, they are floated in water to remove defective cherries. It's then fermented in tanks without water for 96 hours, then dried on raised beds until 10.8% moisture. 

All this results with an excellent coffee, with such high quality from the terroir and growing conditions, coupled with a fermentation in cherry that elevates those fruit characteristics and gives a really rich, fruity expression of this Natural Ethiopian coffee from Alo Coffee! 

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